Recommended Reading

Handbook for Steam Locomotive -Ian Allan Publishing (ISBN 0711006288)

How Steam Locomotives Really Work - P. W. B. Semmens and A. J. Goldfinch (ISBN 0198607822)

Red for Danger - L T C Rolt (ISBN 0752451065)

Locomotive Boiler Explosions - C H Heweson (ISBN 0715383051)

Locomotive Lubrication -Peter W Skellon (ISBN 0953041700)

Locomotive Management Cleaning, Driving and Maintenance - T Hodgson (ISBN 1443772933)

The Engine Drivers Manual - Brian Topping (ISBN 0860935396)

The Design, Construction and Working of Locomotive Boilers - Alan Haigh (ISBN 1901056392)

The Locomotive of Today - Locomotive Publishing Company

Diesel Traction: Manual for Enginemen - British Transport Commission (Ops Department has a limited stock, see Pete Salmon)

Locomotives - A M Bell